We are constantly asked by people who aren’t in the shape they’d like to be ‘ how do i lose this weight’ or ‘ how do i stop over eating’. Truthfully they both kind of mean the same thing. To lose weight we have to be in a calorie deficit, in other words eating less calories tan your body burns off. Now wait a second because if you click off now and use the infomation youve just been given, you may end up starving yourself and then you will see no progress at all. So where should we begin? Well if its over eating that you’re struggling with, let look at why.

There are about 6 main reasons why people usually over eat. Here are examples of the six categories;
1) Physiological – I’m still hungry and not satisfied so I’m going to eat something else.
2) Sensory – The Smell, Taste, Texture etc give positive emotions.
3) Psychological – Emotions are causing me to eat e.g comfort eating.
4) Social – I eat big when its a festive time or because of peer pressure.
5) Financial – Instead of buying expensive healthy food, i will bulk purchase fast unhealthy meals.
6) Habit – Eating unconsciously so you don’t recognise hunger or fullness whilst doing so.

Food being an integral part of life, when you commit to changing your diet it often means making huge changes in your daily life as well and when it becomes disruptive to the pattern you have most people would rather give up than push through. Our food habits start when we are babies and by the time most people want to change, the habits are deeply ingrained into us. The problem with changing our diets is not only do we want fast results, we also want to know that it’s definitely going to benefit us. At the moment there are signs everywhere that say ‘After Smoking, obesity is the biggest preventable cause of Cancer’. However if a person wasn’t obese, never smoked and ate healthily would they be immune from ever getting cancer? No. This is where the problem begins, the uncertainty that its going to work and the fact that 70% of the benefits are inside your body with the other 30% being aesthetic benefits.

How do you plan for success when dieting? There are many things you need to take into account before you start your journey to try and make it successful from the beginning and it is moulding the diet to suit you. This is personally what we would look at if we were helping a client with their diet.

– PREFERENCE! This one is a huge thing that always needs to be factored into your diet and once of the main reasons diets like the ‘Ketogenic Diet’ are often slammed and it is because when you ask people do they not enjoy eating carbs, their reply 90% of the time is ‘ well yeah i do but i need to lose weight’. Your diet does NOT have to be painful, unenjoyable and contain foods you don’t like. Dieting is maths if you break it down, if you wanted to diet on fast food you could (Although the inside of your body would take the toll for this and your energy levels would plummet and your immune system, we urge you not to do this.) However if you said to your coach or yourself ‘ ok on Wednesday at book club we have cake’ The answer would not be to skip book club but to factor this in to the mathematical diet plan you have created!

– AVAILABILITY. Don’t try and blag your way out of a few good meals because there’s nothing near your work place apart from greasy sandwiches and sausage rolls. If you’re optimising your diet to maximise energy, body health and immune system and then every break and lunch time you eat beige because there’s nothing available, you won’t last long. (In our very bias opinion Old Hall St are very fortunate) So the options are either prep your meals or learn to pick the healthier options and learn to read the nutrition label!

– AFFORDABILITY. We’ve all got bills we have to prioritise and we all like to save a penny here and there, so when we’re just starting dieting it is important that we keep an eye on the price. It is so easy to knock our own healthy down a few places when things like money become an issue. Start off with bargains until you start to feel the benefits and then you’re hooked on the high of healthy eating!

– PRACTICALITY. Don’t burden yourself by spending 10 hours making 30 different recipes for the weeks meals. Keep it simple for example and do other things whist you cook. For example if your lunch 3 days could be Salt and Pepper Sweet Potato Fries and Chicken Thighs, all of this can go in the oven at once and it usually takes like 30 mins. Use this 30 mins for something else, don’t sit drooling watching the oven!

The one thing we would encourage is not to jump off the diving board into a pool of dieting because if you belly flop it is painful. Try Jumping in off the side a few times to test the water and once you’re used to dieting, you’ll be double back flipping into a calorie deficit whenever you feel like it! You don’t have to get rid of any food habits just learn how to adapt them to suit your goal.

If you ever need any help, don’t hesitate to email me at sam@fitfoodshack.co.uk or on instagram as @fitfoodsam.