Robert has always been a fitness fanatic from the early years. He played rugby, football and was a keen runner having completed 4 marathons and several half marathons. Early twenties he became interested in weightlifting and bodybuilding, an interest which continues to this day. Throughout all of this time, he has found it to be a struggle to maintain a healthy diet due to the fact that he leads a very busy lifestyle and there are no fast healthy takeaway offerings in Liverpool City Centre. At home Robert has always tried to maintain a healthy eating diet and when his son Sam got to an age where he was playing competitive sport it became a challenge to come up with recipes both healthy and tasty as opposed to the very plain bodybuilding diets. This is where the Fit Food Shack menu began to take form…

Mainly based around high protein and in particular very well cooked chicken, it is designed to provide people who want to look and feel great a healthy fast food option.

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